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Wanli Mark and Period Blue and White Porcelain Bowl - Ming

£ 6,550

017.8 cm (7")
Ming late 16th / early 17th century blue and white porcelain bowl made during the Emperor Wanli's reign with the 6 character mark to the base for the emperor Wanli. Made at the kilns at Jingdezhen with excellent potting, painting, decoration and colour. The bowl is painted to the outside with five large and five smaller roundels showing a Qilin in the round playing with a brocade bowl tied with ribbons The inside is painted with a standing Qilin in excellent setting and colour. The rim has a double blue line and the foot is painted with swirls. The bowl is a very good example of Wanli porcelain at its best
From a private French Collection Very good condition there is a firing flaw across the base which is across the mark this was a manufacturing flaw not damage
017.8 cm (7")
very good