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Transitional / Shunzhi Blue and White Lidded jar


Framed Height
29 cm (11 1/2")
Transitional large Blue and White Jar made at the start of the Qing Dynasty during the Emperor Shunzhis reign in the 17th century.

large impressive jar painted in excellent blue to show an impressive Qilin with attitude. the mythical beast is surrounded by lightening bolts in a landscape of Plantains and mountains below a sun.

A Qilin is one of the four great mythical beasts of China. It is said to be like a deer but with scales and a few other attributes from other important real beasts, the horns of a deer but in the centre of the head and facing backwards, the tail of an ox, the forehead of a wolf and the hooves of a pony or horse.

A Qilin is the symbol for happiness but will also bring many sons to a family who will in turn become eminent scholars. the Qilin is seen as the guardian of justice and is only seen in the reign of an emperor if he is wise and just.

This jar has excellent painting of the qilin
Framed Height
29 cm (11 1/2")
1644 - 1661
Single owner collection
Overall excellent very small flake away from the top of the rim and the original cover is replaced by a good wooden one