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Transitional / Kangxi Master of The Rocks Blue and White Jar


23 cm (9")

Early Kangxi late Transitional very rare blue and white porcelain large ovoid jar.  

Excellent painting of the imposing scenery showing a towering landscape with mountains, pine trees and prunus. A lone scholar seated over looking the river can be seen along with a boat of figures approaching the cliffs.

Although the term 'Master of the Rocks' refers to a design that is in the Chinese taste it is not a term that is recognised as a known pattern in China but was thought to be coined by the collector and academic Gerald Reitlinger and refers to a distinct collection of designs centred around impressive mountains and rivers with the strata of the rock as part of the design and the designs were inspired by the Ming scrolls.   This version of the painting of the scene also shows an influence of the poem The Red Cliff, a poem from the Song academic Su Shi AD 1082

Wonderful quality, potting  and painting showing an excellent technique

23 cm (9")
In excellent condition, some very minor fritting to the inside of the rim, there is minute black flecks in the glass in places, this is probably fine dust from the kiln. Some wear to the glaze in places.