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Transitional Blue and White Porcelain Master of The Rocks Type Conical cup

£ 5,750

8 cm (3 1/4")
Chinese 17th century  blue and white rare Master of the Rocks conical cup. Made during the reign of the Emperor Chongzhen 1628-1644, the last Ming Emperor. Excellent colour and painting to show stratified large rocks with a landscape scene with trees above a river with a single fishing boat.  Above the painting of the scene is a band of a stylised pattern These cups are rare especially with  a Master of the Rocks pattern. For a similar cup see lot 3529 Christies New York 16 March 2015 Sale 'An Era of Inspiration' 17th century Chinese Porcelains from the Julia and John Curtis.
8 cm (3 1/4")
One very tiny filled frit and 2 very short hairlines