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Tianqi - Ming - Ko-sometsuke Blue and White Porcelain Plate

£ 850

21 cm (8 1/4")
Late Ming - 17th century - blue and white Porcelain deep plate made for the Japanese market during the reign of the Emperor Tianqi. This type is called ko-sometsuke
An usual plate as it is not only painted in underglaze blue but has a carved decoration under the glaze - an anhua. The under glazed hidden decoration is of a climbing flowering iris. the incised flower is well down and the glaze lightly pools into the flower
The painting in underglaze blue shows a climbing tree peony with two small flying butterflies / moths.
The stem of the spray of flowers continues over the edge on to the underside
The base has a double circle around a quickly drawn chop mark
Ko-sometsuke appealed to the Japanese market so long as it looked authentic so often the pieces had deliberate faults incorporated into the body for example the kiln grit to the base
21 cm (8 1/4")
Minor frits