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Ming - Wanli Longevity bowl c1600


14.2 cm (5 1/2")
Ming - Wanli - 16th century blue and white rounded bowl with slight everted rim. Made at the end of the 16th century at Jingdezhen during the early part of the reign of the Emperor Wanli.
The sides are painted with two herds of deer under fruiting peach trees on the banks of a river with a turtle / tortoise swimming
The inside to the centre is painted with a further fruiting peach tree in the shape of a shou sign. The base to the underside is painted with a 4 character seal mark - fugue jiaqi - beautiful vessel for the rich and honourable
Deer is associated with immortality and thought to be the only animal able to find the magic mushroom, lingzhi, of immortality. but it can also represent nobility and success in exams.
The fruiting peach tree is also associated with immortality and the symbol of spring.
Excellent bowl with great painting
Sold through Sothebys 1978 lot 61
14.2 cm (5 1/2")
excellent condition Slight staining to the rim where water enter the glaze