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Kangxi blue and White pair of Lozenge Shaped vases

£ 2,750

34 cm (13 1/2")

Chinese late 17th century  blue and white lozenge shaped pair of vases with their original lids. Made during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi at the kilns at Jingdezhen.

Each side of the moulded vases is painted with a shaped panel with an auspicious group of flowers from Chinese culture, including lilies, lotus, peonies and chrysanthemum. the panels are surrounded by a Buddhist swastika pattern. in Buddhism the emblem is the opposite way round  to the Hitler swastika  and represents peace. The corners of the lozenge are painted with a ruyi heads and the shoulders with pronounced petals or lappets which are repeated up the neck. 

The base and top of the neck are painted with sprays of peonies and foliage which is repeated to the lids where the knops are painted with lappets below a bud.

The lozenge shape gave the illusion of a larger vase and when put together pointing out wards this illusion was increased.

Excellent colour and potting 

34 cm (13 1/2")
There is a burst bubble to one side of a vase and the knop on one lid has been restick and this lid also has a chip