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Early Kangxi / late Transitional Deep Saucer Dish Painted with Dragons

£ 10,000

35.2 cm (13 3/4")
late Transitional early Kangxi deep blue and white porcelain saucer dish made at the kilns in Jingdezhen c 1660
The painting shows a pair of chasing dragons circling around the flaming pearl - the font of all wisdom and knowledge. The decoration is of a good cobalt colour and covers an underpattern of scales and clouds. the cobalt has been applied so it is lighter and darker in areas to show clouds. the decoration of dragons, pearl and lightning would have been achieved applying a wax resist which would have burnt away in the kiln leaving the white detail
The underside is painted with four Buddhist emblems tied in ribbons and a square squeal mark
the foot rim is a 'double channel'
Very unusual piece fantastic colour
From a private collection originally purchased from John Berwald Oriental Art Ltd on the 3rd October 2008
35.2 cm (13 3/4")