Ming blue and white kraak Klapmuts bowl


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Kraak Blue and white Ming porcelain bowl with excellent potting with a molded shape to the sides, and excellent colour and decoration. Painted to the centre with various foliage with flying insects. The four reserves on the rim are painted with flower sprays and four others with ruyi headed mushrooms / Lingzhi. All are separated with a lattice design. The sides of the bowl are painted with four ogival shaped panels which in turn are painted with peach or flower sprays. These panels are still well defined which dates it to the earlier part of the date. the Underside is painted with roundels with a dot inside separated by quick drawn lines. The bowls were these shapes so that the spoons of the Europeans, for whom they were made were well supported and did not slide down in the bowl but rested on the edges. The dish was made at Jingdezhen for export to Europe usually with the Dutch East India Company In the glaze there is a stress line but it doesn’t go through the body A very few typical Kraak frits

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