kangxi Blue and Whites Small Plate

kangxi Blue and Whites Small Plate


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Chinese early 18th century blue and white small saucer made during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi at the kilns at Jingdezhen for export to Europe.
Beautifully painted with good detail to show a seated lady on rock work in front of a jumping boy and pyramid fence sitting under a branch of prunus blossom. The lady is also holding or offering a spray of blossom which is slightly unusual.
The sides are painted with a geometric design with shaped cartouches of peaches
The underside is also painted with four Taoist symbols and the base has a four character mark for a previous Ming Emperor Cheng Hua. This is an apocryphal mark to honour not to imitate.
Although made for the Western market the decoration incorporates many Chinese important signs for happiness and longevity. But a woman holding a sprig of plum blossom is synonymous with a bride.
Excellent colour

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