Hoi an Hoard Molded Lidded Box


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Hoi an Hoard piece of cargo modelled as a gourd or Melon and with a blue cobalt glaze

The Hoi an Hoard cargo  sank c1485 in the Hoi an Delta.  This piece is glazed in cobalt  blue is modelled as gourd or melon in a compressed form.  The monochrome pieces are not as common as the blue and white ware.  Today this area is in Viet Nam but during the Ming Dynasty at this time it was part of the Chinese Empire

The cargo was being carried on a sea faring junk that archaeology concluded was over loaded and sailing at the end of the season for such trading vessels.  The junk had been known about by modern day fishermen who would bring pieces of it up periodically in their nets.  it was properly salvaged and recorded by Oxford University Marine Archaeology faculty and subsequently sild through Butterfields in San Francisco.

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