Chinese 18th Century Pair Of Porcelain Saucer Plates


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Chinese c1730 pair of blue and white saucer plates made at Jingdezhen probably for a more domestic market than export to Europe.

Painted to the centre with the deities referred to as the Sanxing (Three Stars – the gods of the three constellations) Fu, Lu and Shou. They are painted in a bolder strewn landscape below a pine tree with two Wu Fus (bats)

The three constellations are Ursa Major, Jupiter and Canopus, they are also associated with Good luck. Fu is for fortune presiding over the planet Jupiter, Lu is for Prosperity presiding over Mizar, and Shou for longevity presiding over Canpus.

Traditionally they are arranged right to left with Shou on the left for the viewer these are unusual.

The underside has the chop mark associated with the Yongzheng reign although not a reign or apocryphal mark

Good quality and unusual

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