Chinese 17th Century Transitional Blue and White Inkstone

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Late Ming blue and white inkstone probably made during the reign of the Emperor Chongzhen, the last of the Ming Emperors 1628-1644 at the kilns at Jingdezhen

Excellent painting to show a dragon and a phoenix chasing amongst scrolling lotus in underglaze blue. The painting is around the sides of the compressed form inkstone and is of excellent quality.

Inkstones were used by scholars and members of the literati to mix the pigments for the inks and paints.  the gutter around the edge allowed for the water to run off down a small well.

Although both Dragon and phoenix have Imperial connections you cant say the stone is imperial but no doubt it is high class

The base is painted with Lingzi or magic mushroom mark

typical Transitional colour and potting



Dimensions 4 cm
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