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Yuan Dynasty

Yuan Dynasty (1279 - 1368)

ChinaThe Yuan Dynasty also known as the Great Yuan Empire was founded by the then leader of Mongols The Great Kublai Khan. Then this Empire extended all of what now is modern day China and included Mongolia and the surrounding areas. Lasting from 1279 to 1368 when it lost power to the Ming Dynasty. \r\n\r\nThe yuan dynasty is both a Chinese Dynasty and a part of the Mongol Empire. In Chinese History it was caused by the defeat of the Song Empires. But although Kublai Khan was the dynastic founder he had the records show that his Grandfather Ghengis Khan was the founder of the dynasty.\r\n\r\nFrom the beginning of hisreign kublai Khan adopted many customs from earlier Chinese Dynasties for example era names, bureaucracy and he relied on his chinese advisors who advised on governance and ideology. He moved the capital city to the place where the earlier Jin Dynasty had, had theirs and it is where modern day Beijing is, but it was then known as Ta - Tu (Great Capital)\r\n\r\nThe legacy of the Yuan Dynasty was that of a rich culturally diverse society and developed advancements in the arts, trade and involved contact with the Middle East and Europe.\r\n\r\nThe Yuan Dynasty gave way to the Ming Dynasty, but it was the only time that China was ruled by a non Chinese race.

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