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Transitional (1620 - 1683)

ChinaThe transitional period is defined as 63 years between the death of th eMing Emperor Wanli and the arrival of the Emperor Kangxis imperial supervisor Zang Yingxuan at the Jingdezhen kiln centre in Jiangxi provincein c1683. This perid spans the last three Ming Emperors Tiachang 1620, Tianqi1621-1627 and Chongzhen 1628-1644 and the early part of the Qing dynasty Shunzhi 1644-1661 and the first two decades of the reign of the Emperor Kangxi 1662-1683 Transitional in Chinese means th efall of th eMing dynasty and th eventual consolidation of the incoming Manchus forming the Qing dynasty. It was politically and socially a most chaotic period in Chinese history it also was a most remarkable period for the arts. With themost advancements in literature, ceramic production, metal work, wood blockprinting, jade and bamboo carving

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83 Items