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Qing Dynasty

Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911)

ChinaThe Qing Dynasty followed the Ming Dynasty. the Manchus were able to depose the ruling Ming dynasty - Mongols - due to disharmony, economic instability and major unrest. the last Ming of the ming emperors being weak leaders.\r\n\r\nThe Qing dynasty embraced trade adn the arts. The first of the Emperors, Shunzhi 1644-1661\r\nKangxi the greatest of them all 1662-1722\r\nYongzheng 1723-1735\r\nQianlong abdicated so that he would not reign for longer than his grandfather who was so revered 1736-1795\r\nJiaqing 1796-1820\r\nDaoguang 1821-1850\r\nXianfeng 1851-1861\r\nTongzhi 1862-1874\r\nGuangxu 1875-1908\r\nXuantong 1908-1911

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