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Ming Longquan celadon bowl 14th/15th century

£ 2,975

9 cm (3 1/2")
15 cm (5 1/1")
Ming celadon deep bowl thickly potted with excellent thick deep green glaze and incised and moulded decoration.

The deep rounded sides are incised with scrolling foliage and a Greek key fret border to the outside. This is typical of this type of bowl.

The inside is moulded with figures and inscriptions depicting a narrative story. This is the story of Su Qin who died in 317BC, although it is not absolutely certain as the stories of the bowls are very similar

There were a group of such narrative bowls produced at Longquan with three or four different narrative stories but they are not common.

This bowls story has two figures playing chess, a military and civil official, under a stellar constellation with the inscription that translates as the gods fighting over a chess game. A scholar seated reading a book with an ink stone and the inscription reads,Li Bo gazing at book. An official by a board with a qilin on it and inscribed gold and jade. A lady seated at a table working on a piece of silk with the inscription that reads Lady Zhoa improves her talents. The final figure is playing a zither like instrument and it reads Confucius remembers Yan Hui. The centre is impressed with a noble flower.

An excellent example of this type of bowl.

9 cm (3 1/2")
15 cm (5 1/1")
1380 - 1420
celadon stoneware
there was a similar bowl in The Edward Wrangham O.B.E. (1928-2009) collection. See also lot 1286 September 20th 2013 Christies New York and Bonhams London lot 140 November 5th 2009