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Kangxi Famille verte rosewater Sprinkler for the Persian Market


Framed Height
19 cm (7 1/2")
Chinese early 18th Century Famille Verte Rosewater Sprinkler made for the Islamic / Middle Eastern Market with 18th century silver metal work to the top in the form in the form of a screwed sprinkler.

made during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi at the Kilns at Jingdezhen and wonderfully decorated with a Phoenix and Qilin (Kylin). with tree peonies and rock work.

The Qilin is one of the four great mythical beasts of China, and is said to have the body of a deer, with scales and horns in the centre of the head, the tail of an Ox, the forehead of a wolf, hooves of a horse and the horns facing backwards. it represents happiness bringing many sons to a family who will become scholars. It is appropriate to find it on things associated with a scholar

The Phoenix is shown flying with peonies and like the Qilin and Dragon is a composite.

The phoenix is a compilation of other creatures, the throat of a swallow, the bill of a duck, the neck of a snake, the tail of a fish and peacock, the forehead of a crane, the crown of a Mandarin duck, the stripes of a dragon, and the vaulted back of a tortoise.

In human terms it symbolises the qualities of virtue, duty, correct behaviour and reliability. Although also the bird associated with the Empress on export porcelain it is representing the human qualities and virtues.

the metal ware is Persian and very unusually has a top which can be fixed in place by screwing it. The metal ware is probably Damascan Silver dating from the 18th Century

Framed Height
19 cm (7 1/2")
1662 - 1722
Porcelain and Silver
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