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Kangxi Famille Verte Biscuit Porcelain Small Plate

£ 720

10 cm (3 1/1")
Chinese early 18th century Kangxi period small deep plate / saucer.
Painted on biscuit porcelain with overglaze enamels to show a conch shell tied with ribbons to the centre. The shell is in a turbulent sea with deep breaking waves. the sea has also daisy heads both to the centre and the sides
The conch shell is found in Chinese folklore but is also when tied with ribbons from Buddhism where it is seen as transmitting the word of Buddha.
In Chinese folklore it is associated with two different legends. The one is the Shen Monster who lived over the Eastern Sea and was a dragon like monster who is often shown rising from a conch Shell
10 cm (3 1/1")
1662 - 1722