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kangxi clobbered porcelain rosewater sprinkler


Framed Height
22 cm (8 3/4")
Kangxi blue and white rosewater sprinkler that has been clobbered i.e. has later over glaze painting added, to make it more like the Imari palette. the original decoration is of four roundels of lotus flowers and foliage. The later decoration has added orange flowers and leaves with green and orange bands with flower heads.

Clobbering was a European decoration that was either to add quality to a piece then it could be sold for more money, this was noticeably done at the ports of entry for the cargos. This is associated in particular with Amsterdam where the end product is called Amsterdam Bont. Other reasons for clobbering included bored Victoria Ladies who wanted to change the décor so blue and white was re-painted, and also trainee painters at the emerging European porcelain factories practiced on pieces that were not needed.

rose water sprinklers were made for the Islamic communities, in China, India or the Middle East. the white metal that has bee applied in the Middle Eastern style is probably silver as is the metal that has been added to the foot.

Square seal Chop mark to the base
Framed Height
22 cm (8 3/4")
1662 - 1722
Porcelain and silver
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