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Kangxi Chinese 18th Century Porcelain Imari Rosewater Sprinkler

£ 980

Framed Height
21 cm (8 1/4")
Kangxi rosewater sprinkler decorated in the Imari palette and design with tree peonies and foliage around the base and up the neck. Hatched border with flowers separates the neck from the base. The colours define the palette as Imari based on the Japanese patterns of the time.
The shape is more European in design than eastern with this piece as it is rounder at the bottom and slightly shorter in the neck. The Eastern ones often were more intricately potted following the metal ware designs. This is more of an ornamental shape for the European market.
The Chinese Imari palette is direct copy of the Japanese export ware from Imari. This was becoming very popular in Europe. The Chinese and Japanese used under glazed blue with over glaze orange heightened with gilt. The orange and gilt can become rubbed as it is vulnerable being paint rather than enamel.
Very good example of type
Framed Height
21 cm (8 1/4")
c 1700
Overall perfect slight rubbing to one side of the body