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Kangxi Blue and White Small Plate Blue and White Plate

£ 625

13.75 cm (5 1/2")
Chinese early 18th century blue and white small plate made during the reign of The Emperor Kangxi 1688-1722 at the kilns at Jingdezhen for export to Europe.
The centre painted with two ladies (long Elizas or Lanjen Eliza as the west knew them as), in a garden setting with a censer burning incense on a table with hollow rock work and a bare prunus tree.
the cavetto painted with pine fronds and bamboo which is a more unusual combination, Pine for longevity and bamboo is the symbol for a learned scholar. As all three friends are depicted on the front - pine, bamboo and prunus - which symbolizes endurance with the ability to live through the harshest of conditions
The underside of the rim is painted with auspicious flowers and a six character apocryphal mark for the earlier Ming Emperor Cheng H'ua, this was to honour and not to deceive
Excellent shape and colour
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13.75 cm (5 1/2")
very good 2 burst bubbles on the rim