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Kangxi blue and white porcelain square bowl


Framed Depth
16 cm (6 1/4")
Chinese early 18th century blue and white porcelain square sectioned bowl with canted corners. The corners are painted with a stylized petal / dagger border typical of the period which is excellent painting.

Each side is painted in excellent blue to show a lady / Long Eliza with a different scene and setting. one side shows a seated lady beneath a willow tree, the tree being the symbol of spring. Beautiful women are compared to willow trees. The next side is painted with a lady leaning on a cliff by a mulberry bush. A mulberry bush is an important source of food and wealth as it is the food source for the silk moth also associated with summer. The following side shows a seated lady playing a wind instrument beneath a Pine tree. The pine tree is associated with longevity and steadfastness and winter. The final scene is of a lady carrying a staff over her shoulder by a plantain or banana tree. This tree is associated with the scholar.

The subject matter is excellent and the colour is bright and vivid. The inside is painted with jumping boys.

square bowls were a difficult shape to make and there was a high degree of failure in the kilns.

Six Character mark to the base for the Emperor Cheng Hua inside a double circle Cheng Hua was an earlier Ming Emperor but this was not put on to deceive but to honour it was an apocryphal mark that was applied only to the best export porcelain
Framed Depth
16 cm (6 1/4")
1662 - 1722
6 character Cheng Hua mark to the base
Perfect condition, small firing flaw to one side that happened when it was fired in the kiln when it was made.