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Kangxi blue and white lidded jar


Framed Height
26 cm (10 1/4")
Antique Chinese early 18th century blue and white porcelain jar from the reign of the Emperor Kangxi. Made for export to Europe. This pattern although was much copied by Dutch Delft painter it was just as popular in Britain.

The jar is large and impressive with excellent colour and painting to show two large panels of flowers in basket style jardinières. The panels are separated and surrounded by borders of lotus flowers on a blue ground.

Erroneously these jars are referred to as Ginger jars but they were pure decorative to put on top of large pieces of furniture, shelves or mantelpieces.

Large jars like this were not that easy to pot as they are heavy, it is important to get a good firing to make sure the blue is vibrant.

This is an excellent example of this type of jar and is an impressive size.

The wooden lid is a 19th century or early 20th century replacement but is a very good fit so was possibly made for the jar.

25.5cm to the top of the lid or 23cm to the top with out the lid
Framed Height
26 cm (10 1/4")
1662 - 1722
porcelain and wood
Overall very good. To the unglazed portion of the rim there are a few small hair cracks, some may be from firing. All visible on the photographs. But not visible with the lid on