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Kangxi blue and white early 18th century porcelain plate


Framed Height
22 cm (8 3/4")
Chinese blue and white moulded and painted blue and white porcelain plate. Excellent painting, colour and subject matter which is much collected. The decoration shows various fish - including the carp, - shells and crustaceans with aquatic plants. the rim is painted with in the fluted and out lined panels with peonies. The underside is painted with trailing tendrils of flowers and to the base a double circle around the Fungus or Lingzhi mark. All the fish and especially the crab show great character.

The design although very appealing to the western eye is also very symbolic within Chinese culture. The fish is phonetically identical for the word for abundance and is also the ancient word for rank and power. The carp is the sign of the scholar, and only the scholar can hold a court position, the bearded carp is shown on the plate. The bearded carp was also meant to mutate into a dragon when large enough and old enough.

Fish is also seen as the sign for marital bliss. This is because they are seen swimming in pairs. Along with this and the fish ability to ward off evil they are also much sought after as a motif for the normal part of the populace.

The crab also like the fish can repel bad magic and can also in Chinese medicine restore a mans potency.

The water weed is one of the 12 symbols of the Emperor and is a symbol of purity. It is also thought to aid longevity and health.

The meaning behind the painting is very symbolic and with the Fungus mark to the back it is much collected.
Framed Height
22 cm (8 3/4")
1662 - 1722
Overall the plate is in excellent condition there is one very small frit which would be expected and accepted on such fine porcelain