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kangxi blue and white chinese square bowl


16 cm (6 1/4")
Chinese early 18th century blue and white porcelain square sectioned bowl, made during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi. Excellent colour and potting with a foliate rim.

The canted corners are decorated with an intricate dagger / cell pattern typical of the Kangxi period on high status export pieces.

Each side is painted with a different scene and setting.. A lady is seated beneath a willow tree - the willow is the symbol of spring. Beautiful women are compared to the willow tree. The next side shows a lady leaning on a cliff by a mulberry tree, this tree is of great importance for food and of course the silk moth and therefore silk.. Another shows a lady at leisure playing a flute beneath a pine tree, the pine tree symbolises longevity and steadfastness and is the tree of winter. The final side shows a lady carrying a staff over her left shoulder by a plantain or banana tree. This tree is associated with the scholar. Overall an excellent subject to the outside.

The inside is painted with three jumping boys and to the base a six character Cheng Hua mark with in a double circle.

excellent bowl
16 cm (6 1/4")
1662 - 1722
six character Cheng Hua mark to the base
Overall very good. Above the lady at leisure there is a small filled glaze chip which can be seen in the last photograph of what it looked like before it was restored