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Kangxi Blanc de Chine Dog of Fu

£ 1,800

28 cm (11")
Chinese early 18th century large Blanc de Chine Dog of Fo / Fu also kmown as a Temple or Buddhist Lion.
Very well modelled to show the female dog with her paw on a brocade ball with the puppy climbing up. The base is modelled with prunus and the head of the dog has small flower heads indented into it.
Blanc de chine was the term given to white porcelain in the west but was made in the kilns at Dehua in the Fujian province. The porcelain is particulary white and fine grained
The Dogs were based around the monks dogs which would wait out side the temples for their masters and today are the Tibetan terrier.
Excellent large example
28 cm (11")
very minor faults one tooth is broken and possibly one extension to thentail is missing its tip