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Hoi an Hoard Small Blue and White Molded Bottle vase


5.75 cm (2 1/4")
Ming dynasty blue and white small bottle vase from the Hoi an Hoard. The area although now is Viet Nam during the 15th century it was part of china
The cargo sank between 1485-1490 and it would appear to have been an overloaded junk travelling rather late in the season carrying wares from the kilns of the Red River Delta
Oxford university archaeology department were in involved as the partners of a local business man to careful excavate the wreck over three years.
The Cargo was subsequently then sold off through Butterfields Auctioneers in San Francisco.
The site had originally been found by fishermen and prior to the excavation had taken many pieces away and sold them on.
this piece has the provenance to base but not all do have that .
As the cargo was more in estuarine silt the degradation to the glaze is not so noticeable as only later cargos
5.75 cm (2 1/4")
very good for cargo pieces