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Chinese Transitional wucai baluster jar


Framed Height
19 cm (7 1/2")
Chinese 17th Century - Transitional - Wucai jar. made during the reign of the first Qing Emperor, The Emperor Shunzhi. Made at the kilns at Jingdezhen, excellent potting with painting and enamelling in the Wucai palette.

The decoration shows a golden pheasant perched on rockwork with tree peonies, Chrysanthemums and grasses surrounded by flying insects and birds. Excellent subject matter and detail.

The Golden Pheasant is one of the twelve symbols of the Emperor and also represents the Bird Kingdom while the Dragon represents the Animal Kingdom.

The pheasant also represents and is the sign of Literary refinement and those of high office. The second rank Mandarin wears a Golden Pheasant rank badge.

The vase is 19cm tall which is a rare size for a vase of this decoration and design. Usually they are much larger.
Framed Height
19 cm (7 1/2")
1644 - 1661
perfect Small firing flaw where the glaze is missing at the foot rim