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Chinese Transitional blue and white double gourd porcelain vase


Framed Height
33 cm (12 1/1")
Transitional blue and white porcelain Double Gourd vase from the era of the Emperor Shunzhi. Typically fine potting with bright vibrant cobalt blue painting. It is a very fine example of this type.

The painting shows a group of Confucian scholars at leisure debating, reading, playing music and contemplating. They are sat in amongst trees including prunus, Plantain (banana) and Acacia with grasses and rockwork.

The painting and colour is of the finest and shows great detail to the trees and the scholars themselves.

The potting is impressive with straight neck and very large round bottom section. these vases were made in three sections and luted together. The top section was made upside down before being turned over to be used as the neck. Getting the sections so finely potted was in itself a very impressive feat.

Beautiful vase

Framed Height
33 cm (12 1/1")
1644 - 1661
The condition is overall very good, the bottom section has been separated from the waist between the gourds along the luting line probably not long after it was made. It has been put back with out deceptive restoration and can be seen on the photograph.