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Chinese square / Mandarin rank badge of a silver Pheasant.

Framed Height
49 cm (19 1/4")
Framed Width
49 cm (19 1/4")
Mandarin Rank badge often called a Chinese Square with the Silver pheasant which is the fifth rank in The Chinese Civil Service. The square was from the back of a mans robe.

Embroidered in three coloured gilt thread showing the Pheasant stood on rock work with an intensely decorated sky of ruyi headed clouds and Buddhist emblems.

The sea around and below the pheasant shows a turbulent sea with ruyi headed waves and a stripy effect to demonstrate depth.

The sun disk is made up of very small coral beads.

the fifth rank official would have been responsible for salt distribution or were deputy supervisors of Instruction in Imperial and Hanlin Institutions, or Sub prefects or Librarians.

All framed and conserved.
Framed Height
49 cm (19 1/4")
Framed Width
49 cm (19 1/4")
c 1850
Silk and gilt thread
The best book is ladder to the Clouds by Jackson and Hugus, there are similar to this piece in the book. or Silken Threads by Young Yang Chung
Very very good