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Chinese Rank Badge / Mandarin Square


Chinses Mandarin Rank Badge for the civil order would have been on the front of a man's robe of the lowest rank 9th. the badge is in two halves as it would have been on either side of the front opening of the robe.The badge shows a Paradise Flycatcher which has been appliqued onto quite an elaborate back badge. The badge shows the bird flying over a turbulent stripy sea with ruyi headed waves. the sea is in couched gilt thread and the waves in silk thread. The sky is embroidered with ruyi headed clouds with bats and a coiled couched red sun diskThe sea is also embroidered with auspicious items. the border is embroidered with bats and shou signs for luck and good fortune as are bats.An appliqued emblem often was in the hope of improvement or because it was the re-use of a family back badge.All mounted and conserved The 9th rank Mandarin would have occupied the following positions: jail warder, District registrar, prefectural archivist, prefectural tax collector, deputy police commissioner, tax examiner or Deputy jail warder. Overall good condition From a private collection