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Chinese Porcelain Transitional 17th century lidded Wucai Jar


Framed Height
37 cm (14 1/2")
Chinese Transitional porcelain wucai lidded jar made during the reign of the first Qing Emperor, Emperor Shunzhi.

Painted with excellent bright enamels to show two shaped panels which are painted with hollow rock, chrysanthemums, tree peonies and grasses with an orange sun. The panels are separated by hatched patterns and outlined with the three colours used, blue, orange and green.

Around the shoulder, base and on the lid the jar is painted with scrolling flowers and foliage. To the neck lappets are pointing upwards.

Unusual for a wucai jar there are six small lugs around the shoulder loosely modelled as animal heads with a hole through them. These lugs are more common on blue and white large jars, not wucai ones.

Overall an impressive jar with excellent decoration, colour, potting and condition
Framed Height
37 cm (14 1/2")
c 1650
excellent condition with only a little glaze loss to the knop of the lid and a few places on the rim A glaze scratch to one small area see photo

hairline to the neck