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Chinese early 18th Century Famille Verte Bottle vase


Framed Height
32 cm (12 1/2")
Kangxi famille verte bottle vase with excellent painting and potting.

The painting to the sides shows Chrysanthemums, peonies, rock work and flying insects and butterflies. The garlic neck is painted with orange leaving a design to show scrolling lotus.

The chrysanthemum, peony and lotus are three of the emblems of the seasons. The Chrysanthemum represents late summer early autumn and represents the ninth month known as the jiu month which also means wait or patience. The Chrysanthemum is associated with wishing someone a long and pleasant life and also a long and happy retirement.

The peony or more correctly the tree peony is known as the flower of the Emperor as its name means most beautiful in Chinese. the peony symbolises the Late spring or early summer and is an omen of good fortune and also the flower emblem of China.

Inside the base there is a double circle

The white metal embellishment are Islamic in style and added at a later date and are very probably silver although not hallmarked

A really impressive piece

Framed Height
32 cm (12 1/2")
1662 - 1722
Porcelain and silver
What is visible is perfect