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Antique Chinese silk Embroidered panel

Framed Height
35 cm (13 3/4")
Framed Width
52 cm (20 1/2")
Chinese Silk Antique Panel from a chair cover, from the back.

Embroidery on satanised dark blue silk with excellent stitch work and colour.

the Embroidery shows a deer standing on a mound with Peony. Chrysanthemums and prunus blossom.

The deer was considered to be the companion of Shou Lao the god of longevity. The deer was thought to be the only animal capable of finding the magic mushroom which delivered longevity and immortality. The deer here is embroidered standing by a ruyi headed mushroom - the magic mushroom. The Deer was also the animal to represent filial piety

The peonies, chrysanthemums, lotus and prunus blossom represent the four seasons.

the Deer is also the emblem of a Chinese officials salary. the dark blue is associated with a fourth rank court Mandarin
Framed Height
35 cm (13 3/4")
Framed Width
52 cm (20 1/2")
c 1870
Chinese silk
From a private collection
perfect and framed